Paradox Ghost Press is run by Vale Zalecki, who landed in Canada in the middle of a global pandemic and locked themselves up for eight months before deciding to do something just as terrifying as the world outside their doors. Growing up on horror media and finding purchase in the melty landscapes of surrealism, Vale decided that in order to make your peace with the uncanny, one must first embrace it and inhabit its Escherian spaces.

They founded BLEED ERROR, a semi-annual collection of short stories, flash fiction, and poetry that aims to make the process easier for the uninitiated, and to offer the comfort that only good, unsettling fiction can to those who already inhabit the margins of conventionality.

You can find Vale Zalecki’s personal twitter @sufferingcity, and their website at https://valezalecki.com

Del Michaud is contracted by blood and brimstone to handle slush reading, proofreading, quality checking, and holding Vale’s hand whenever they start worrying about everything that they couldn’t possibly control.

Annette Fortier is a slush reader and quality checker, and also holds vigil at our last bastion against the shadows that have hunted us since we learned a little too much.

Tatiana Gray keeps the membranes of reality together, slush reads, and battles all unwelcome interlopers back to whatever eerie, sunless worlds they came from.

Jina Winters is an editor armed with a correction pen that’s mightier than the mightiest of swords; one wreathed in dark flame and forged in the smithy of the giants. She edits with a keen eye borrowed from a thing with many to spare, and she also ensures the abattoir in the basement is mold-free.

Paradox Ghost Press operates out of Toronto, Ontario. At least, in this realm so full of terrible light.

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