Cover art by Trevor Henderson.


Rejoice with us, beings of meat!


PARADOX GHOST PRESS PRESENTS THE FIRST ISSUE OF BLEED ERROR, a deeply unsettling collection of short stories, flash fiction, and poetry about the bleed error of the universe printing outside the margins of reality. With cover art by Trevor Henderson and housing some of the most profound love letters to the uncanny, this glossy-covered, semi-annual collection is something you should let yourself be gently cursed by. You won’t regret it, we’re fairly sure.

We cannot stress how important pre-orders are to us as a small company that refuses to publish via major POD websites. This is our first issue, which also means we need a projected number of copies to print. Please don’t let us fall into the fathomless abyss of failure where our bones will be gnawed to dust by foes unseen. Please, please support us by purchasing early, and you avail a special discount! It would mean the world (and other shrouded, sinister worlds) to us.

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