Cover art by Trevor Henderson.

BLEED ERROR seeks submissions for its first issue, to be released APRIL 2022!

We’re looking for short stories, flash fiction, and poetry that runs the gamut of everything from absurdist horror to bizarre science-fiction to unsettling dark fantasy. We love the uncanny; what we look for is the telling drop in your stomach when you absently look up at the skies and there are far more constellations than you’d remembered, brighter and closer and in configurations you don’t quite recall. We want stories about the bleed error of the universe printing outside the margins of reality.  

We are especially interested in stories with LGBTQ2S+ and diverse leads, especially with narratives that are not confined to tragedy tropes. 

Read more on the guidelines HERE.

Paradox Ghost Press firmly believes that sometimes, in order to remember that everything is going to be okay, you need to lose yourself in a world where nothing is.

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