PARADOX GHOST PRESS PRESENTS THE SECOND ISSUE OF BLEED ERROR!  We rise once again, bearing more uncanny tales to send shivers down all of your many spines! Within these pages fester an unsettling hoard of short stories, flash fiction, and poetry about the bleed error of the universe printing outside the margins of reality. With cover art by Trevor Henderson, this cursed collection is certainly something you must welcome into your brain, your heart, and your blood.

FEATURING STORIES AND POEMS BY: Patrick Moody, Ola Al-Fateh, Addison Smith, Scott Starr, Johnathon Heart, Trevor James Zaple, Neethu Krishnan, O.R. Black, Matt Handle, DJ Tyrer, Renee Dunn, Kurt Newton, Eric Nash, Emma Thompson, Taliesin Gore, C.L. Liedekev, Laney Gaughan, and A.P. Sessler.

Internal illustrations by Marco Marin.

All prices are in Canadian dollars (CAD). This is a downloadable PDF copy.


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